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Best Personal Loan Companies

We spent 240+ hours researching 103 companies to determine the best personal loan companies for you. 

We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.  We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best.

Personal Loans

  • $500-$35,000 Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

10 Outstanding

Bad Credit Loans

  • $500-$5,000 Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

9.9 Outstanding

Cash Advance

  • $100-$1,000 Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

9.9 Outstanding

Indy Lend

  • $100-$5,000 Personal Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

9.9 Outstanding

Loan Solo

  • $100-$3,000 Personal Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

9.9 Outstanding

GreenLight Cash

  • $200-$5,000 Personal Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

9.9 Outstanding

Funds Joy

  • $200-$5,000 Personal Loans
  • Instant Approval
  • Credit Score Fair/Good/Excellent

9.9 Outstanding

Personal Loans 101: What Is A Personal Loan?

Personal loans are low-interest installment plans that are commonly unsecured which means there is no collateral required to protect the loan, and lenders give borrowers full control as to where the funds are being used. 

Many personal loan platforms and lenders today have their own websites which makes it easy to apply for and be granted a loan. The application and approval processes are digitized and can be done almost instantly. Repayment methods are also easy and quick through online bank transfers and remittance centers. Everything is literally within the touch of your fingertips!

Loan Purposes

Personal loans are used for almost anything these days. Most personal companies have few to almost no restrictions when it comes to where the funds are being used. One of the most common purposes loans are being taken out is for debt consolidation where the loan is used to pay off debts such as credit card balances and personal debts. 

Another common purpose for personal loans is for home improvement projects were paying for these projects cannot be done one-time-big-time, straight out of your pocket or through your credit card. A personal loan can also be used for major life events that are too costly especially when unplanned such as an unexpected move, a family emergency, going off to college, or your car breaking down.

How Does A Personal Loan Works and How Is It Different From A Credit Card?

We’ll make it straightforward and easy for you to understand. Credit cards nowadays have an average annual percentage rate of over 17% and the payment methods vary from person to person, depending on your credit record, and the amount borrowed. A high-interest rate combined with a varied payment method can be a burden especially if you own more than one card.

When you take out a personal loan to pay for a debt, a project, or a service, there is a predetermined amount you are allowed to borrow to be paid on a fixed period of time. Personal loans usually come with lower interest rates compared to credit cards and companies usually give the borrowers full discretion as to where they will be using the funds. This makes it a lot easier to manage as to where the funds are going and give you a definite amount of time to pay the money back.

Why Is It Important To Find The Best Loan Company For you?

You obviously want to find the right company to acquire your loan from. Companies have varied requirements, amount limit, and repayment methods. As a borrower, you must find the best loan company that will cater to your financial needs with a reasonable borrowing policy. In other words, you must find a personal loan company that is best suited to your needs and purpose for the loan and your capability to pay. A reasonable payment policy is the one where you will be able to pay back the money without going much further in debt.

The loan company you will be partnering with can help you get out of a bad financial situation through debt consolidation and paying for projects or services such as a home improvement project, but a bad loan company can sink you deeper into that financial hole. Thus, it is only right that you take out a loan from a company which will not only help you with your current financial situation but will also improve your credit history.


For debt consolidation loans, look for a company that offers reasonably low to average interest rates and is not too strict when it comes to credit history and credit score. Many loan companies will look through the borrower’s records and may reject the application when they find out you have a low credit score or history. Read on through the company’s requirements and see if they consider approving loans to those who have a not so perfect credit history.

The same goes for a home improvement loan. Look for a company that offers a low-interest rate and has a sufficient lending limit for you to complete your repairs and renovations. Considering you have a fairly good credit score and a saving history, you should be able to take out a personal home improvement loan from a good company with no problem.

Here are the qualities to look out for to find the best personal loan company for you.

  • Credible

You must do your research and get to know the company you are dealing with. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to get caught up with a bad loan company. A good loan company should be reliable, has an unparalleled reputation, and well-experienced when it comes to lending funds. 

Take advantage of technology and find all the information that you can about the loan company before you start your application. A good way to do this is to read unbiased reviews from previous clients or from people you know that have previously dealt with the same company. A little research before jumping in the water is never a bad idea so make sure you do not skip this step.

  • Responsive Customer Service

A good loan company must be able to respond to your queries and explain everything there is to know about the loan you are applying for. Technical terms and loan guidelines can be challenging to understand especially for first-time borrowers. Asking questions about the loan and the guidelines directly from the companies will help you make the right choices when applying for a loan that is tailored fit for your financial needs and capability to pay.

Not only is it important to have a responsive loan company for when you are applying for a loan, the company’s customer service must also be responsive to future queries and concerns after the loan has been taken out. Their customer representatives must be able to answer your concerns about repayment methods and the risks should you fail to do so.

  • Quick and Guaranteed High Approval Rate

For most borrowers, applying for a personal loan is the last resort to pay off a debt or to cover unexpected expenses such as medical expenses and a car or home repair. It is, therefore, important that you acquire a loan from a company that has a guaranteed high approval rate so you won’t have to waste your time applying for a loan only to get rejected.

As these funds are mostly for immediate purposes, find a company that will approve and release the loan as quickly as possible. The application and repayment process should be easy and convenient for you as a borrower. Again, research about the company first to find out whether they meet this criterion or not.

  • Reasonable Lending Limit

When you are planning to apply for a loan, it is presumed that you already have a fixed amount in mind especially if the loan is intended for debt consolidation. In order to avoid the stress of borrowing from another lender to meet your financial needs, find a good company that can give you the full amount that you need to accommodate your loan.

Find a loan company that has a good track record and is able to give you a reasonable lending limit for your needs. Don’t be embarrassed to ask whether the lending limit is flexible or not. If you need a few more extra hundreds for your loan, then perhaps the company can stretch out the limit for you especially if you have a good credit record. 

  • Reasonable Payment Policy

What’s worse than paying for a loan only to be buried in more debt? That’s a financial disaster! A bad loan company will take advantage of their client’s current financial trouble by offering a good amount but with high-interest rates, an unreasonable short period of time to repay, and worse, charge the borrowers with extra fees. Don’t fall into this kind of trap!

Always take the time to read on the company’s payment policy. A good loan company should act as a helping hand and not as someone who will drain your finances. Find a company that can provide you all that you need with a reasonable interest rate and timeframe for repayment. Should something come up for you to be unable to repay your loan in time, the company should be open to at least hear you out and negotiate new payment terms for you.

Our Pick: The Top 5 Best Personal Loan Companies of 2019

Now that we’ve given you all there is to know about the basics of personal loans and the qualities to look for in a good personal loan company, allow us to introduce the Top 5 Best Personal Loan Companies we have reviewed specifically for different financial needs.

For Quick Cash, Home Improvement

Personal Loans is an online loan platform that connects borrowers with lenders. The company enables borrowers to get loans starting at $500 to $35,000 through an online application. Your loan application can be approved and funds can be transferred directly to your bank as quick as one business day. 

Personal Loans offer a wide variety of loans such as personal loans, payday loans, and tax loans. We find this company to be the most helpful and efficient when it comes to taking out quick cash loans. Lenders in the platform generally require a credit score of above 580 and a monthly income of above $2,000 for most personal loans. You must be employed, self-employed, or receiving benefits to applying for this loan. Personal Loans is also great for fast cash loans; borrowers must be at least 18 years old with an active bank account and a monthly income of at least $500.

The interest rate for every loan varies for every case. Fill out the request form through their website to see what they can offer for your financial needs. You do not have to worry about disclosing personal information on their website as Personal Loans is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) to ensure data privacy and encryption.

For Debt Consolidation

Bad Credit Loans is a leading loan platform when it comes to serving clients with both good and not so perfect credit scores. Bad Credit Loans is dedicated to helping out borrowers who don’t particularly have a spotless credit history but still able to pay.

Borrowers must be at least 18 years old with an active bank account and currently employed. The loan application and approval processes are convenient and can be done through their website. If approved, you will receive the funds through your checking account in as early as one business day. All credit scores are welcome to apply and there are no charges to request for a loan. Loan limits range from $500-$5,000.

For Quick Cash, Home Improvement, Debt Consolidation

Cash Advance works with lenders with unparalleled reputations and connects them to responsible borrowers. The company enables borrowers to apply for different loan amounts ranging from $100-$1000 payable within 7 days up to a year.

Cash Advance prides itself for having a quality customer service and a wide network of lenders and other financial service providers. While the annual percentage rate solely relies on the lender connected to you based on your application, the website provides a tool to give you a brief overview of the amount and payment term you are applying for, as well as the predicted interest rate. You may go to this link to have an overview of your payment plan. 

Keep in mind that your final quote will only be given to you after you make a loan request. You do not have to worry as applying for a loan is totally free and your personal information will be protected.

For Quick Cash, Debt Consolidation

Indy Lend enables borrowers to acquire funds from the company’s wide network of reliable lenders. While the lending limit is generally based on the state regulations and the lender, the borrower’s credit score and current financial situation also greatly affect the lending limit. Lending limit ranges from $100-$5000.

There is no fixed annual percentage rate for all borrowers. Indy Lend’s network of lenders will determine the interest rate suited for you based on your credit score, credit history, and your income. In order to successfully apply for a loan, you must be at least 18 years old, currently employed or receiving benefits, and possess an active bank account.

For Quick Cash, Debt Consolidation

Loan Solo enables borrowers to borrow funds from the company’s network of lenders through their short term and personal loan plans. They only require for borrowers to be at least 18 years old, must be employed under the same employer for a minimum of 90 days, with an active bank account, telephone number, and an email address.

The company enables borrowers to apply for a loan despite their bad credit history as long as there is a guarantee for repayment. Loan Solo is dedicated to educating borrowers about the best payment plans and policies in order to ensure a good borrower record. Your application can be processed within minutes after submission and your loan can be released in as little as one business day through your bank.

There you have it! All you need to know about personal loans and the top personal loan companies of 2019. Keep in mind that borrowing funds are not a one-way street. You, as a borrower, must be responsible for studying the payment policies, asking questions, and eventually paying off your loan. By being a responsible borrower, you will save yourself from a lot of stress in the future brought about by unpaid debt and bad credit history.